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Your Pokémon has taken you from the elusive Mewtew to the equally elusive and game-breaking Missing No. You think you know all there is to know about the Pokémonseries, but unless you’re one of the elite few who have literally spent the last two decades learning all there is to know about the monster collecting series, we’re willing to bet there are at least a few facts about the beloved anime and video game behemoth you’re not familiar with.
Here, in no particular order, are the top 14 little-known facts about the Pokémon universe:

1) It holds the Guinness World Record!
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Pretty much everyone knows about the infamous Pokémonanime episode that caused kids in Japan to simultaneously suffer epileptic episodes, but did you know that it’s verifiably the worst trigger of simultaneous epilepsy the world has ever known? Roughly 750 viewers in Japan were taken by epileptic seizures with the “Electric Soldier Polygon” episode of the Pokémon anime. Being the selfless journalist that I am, I watched the infamous segment here. While it didn’t cause me to thrash around helplessly on the floor, I can conclude that even those who don’t suffer epileptic episodes will still probably experience strange red/blue afterimages for minutes or possibly even hours after.
2) Koffing and Weezing were originally named after smog-plagued cities
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The two classic poison-type pokémon, Koffing and Weezing, were originally to be named Ny and La – after New York and Los Angeles, two of America’s most smog-ridden cities. Japanese media posits the names were probably too dark, leading Nintendo America to change them.
3) Ash never ages
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The main character of both the game and anime, Ash (originally named the exceedingly dull Satoshi in Japanese versions), never ages throughout the series. He remains 10 years old throughout. Like The Simpsons, this is attributed to the world of the series progressing on a different timeline than the real world.
4) Ash sucks at Pokémon battles
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Even after 14 years on air, our main character Ash never succeeds in progressing to the Pokémon Finals. Presumably, this is because he is a terrible pokémon trainer, but officially it has more to do with the above reason of the show/game’s world staying on an exceedingly slow timeline.
5) People (and other Pokemon) eat Pokémon
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Disturbingly, throughout the anime series, viewers can see characters eating and/or fantasizing about eating pokémon. Especially unfortunate is Magicarp, which is apparently eaten both fried and partially live (a la ikizukuristyle).
6) You can go to college on Pokémon’s dime
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The Pokémon Company International will pay at least part of your college tuition if you win a Pokémon tournament in real life. We’re sure this emphasizes some kind of real-world skill necessary for success, but we’re still trying to figure out which.
7) There is one Pokémon card that is incredibly rare and expensive
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Only six of the Pokémon Illustrator card exist. It was rewarded to illustration contest winners and has no use in the actual card game except for the purposes of excessive gloating.
8) Pokémon is a 24 billion dollar franchise
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That explains how Nintendo can afford an entire Pokémon train.
9) Ash has only succeeded in catching about 70 pokémon
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The other, like, 800 or whatever, have eluded our protagonist’s grasp
10) The Master Ball sometimes fails
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The legendary Master Ball, which allows players to catch any pokémon they desire almost without fail, actually has a less than 100% success rate. Must be maddening for players trying to get their hands on one of the more elusive creatures.
11) Pokémon is a fictional version of insect collecting hobbies in Japan
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In Japan, kids love collecting insects. The hobby was actually the original inspiration for the Pokémon franchise, which replaced creepy crawlies like the Rhinoceros Beetlewith whimsical creatures like Pikachu.
12) Pokémon’s game areas are based on real-life Japanese regions
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At least in the first game, the various areas the player can visit are close approximations of actual parts of Japan’s Kanto region.
13) Ash has 52 badges
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Which seems like a lot for a kid who has never progressed to the finals…
14) Pokémon Gold & Silver were created by just four programmers
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A damning piece of information for those arguing thatPokémon games aren’t just endless clones of the last one in the series.
That’s all the Pokémon trivia I’ve got for you. I’m not exactly the biggest fan of the series, but I do acknowledge the series has probably had a bigger impact on my life than even I realize; having come out when I was just 10 or so years old.
Did you already know these facts? Got any others you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments.