Friday, November 27, 2015

10 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Reasons Why It's Awesome To Date An Engineer.

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Engineers. Let’s face it- they are the rulers of JUGAAD and can handle whatever problems you throw at them, like a pro. B)
Here are a few reasons why its great to date an engineer:

1. Engineers have a lot of free time

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No matter how many subjects they have, and however tough those might be, attendance shall always be a problem. So those 4 years is actually about wandering around the city you live in and eating out a lot, than it is about getting a degree!
You will never hear an engineer say that he or she does not have time!

2. They are almost always broke- so you can go on creative/ innovative dates that cost less


Money. *sigh* Date an engineer if you want to learn some new jugaad tricks and learn how to save money while going out.

3. If the guy is a mechanical engineer, loyalty is not an issue since they never have dates #JustMechanicalEngineerProblems.


No, girls are not another species. Fortunately or unfortunately – depending on the way you look at it – they can be found in other departments!

4. They are programmed to handle stress


And they are especially good at getting things done at the last moment.
Final submission tomorrow and there’s nothing in your file? No problem.
University exam the next day and 50 topics not covered? Don’t worry, they can predict which topics are likely to be asked in the exam.

5. They can be really charming- after all, they have had so much practice with talking teachers into not failing them



6. They will never forget dates and anniversaries, because they are used to mugging up stuff


Say goodbye to those “How can you possibly forget…?” fights… Engineers can recite a load of crap… even if they don’t understand it!

7. They are almost always talented at doing something creative – sketching, painting, dancing or singing – becausemost of them did not want to be engineers anyway


8. They are good at pulling all-nighters. *ahem*


9. They are dedicated – it takes a great deal of effort and mental strength to study for the same subjects over and over again


What more could you possibly want from your significant other?

10. They are made for long-term relationships… 4 (or more) years of engineering has taught them to keep calm and carry on


Engineers- Solving problems they didn’t know they had, in ways they don’t understand.
Who am I kidding? Engineers are the best.
Dedicated to all engineers out there.
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P.S - supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is a synonym for wonderful, according to Google atleast.

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