Thursday, November 12, 2015

10 More Things Only An Engineer Could Relate.

1. Girls in Mechanical and Civil Department are like 404 errors. They are not & never found.

2. Engineering and a lovey-dovey relationship can never be on the same page.

3. Your grades depend on the mood of the paper checker or his stomach, to be precise.

4. There’s always a nerd who has to ruin your mass bunking plan.

5. Sunday is a myth.

6.Vivas are funny. Re-vivas are not. Re-vivas are horrifying.

7.You have, at least for once, tried to make your own Iron Man suit.

8.Your handwriting can give tough competition to that of a doctor.

9.Friend just topped; Party.
 Friend got placed; Party.
 Friend just got committed; Party.
Friend got dumped? Someone just throw him a cheer-up party already!

10. The last time you slept properly was in the 19th century.

More to come. :')
Stay Tuned.
**Question Papers of FE - SEM-1 DEC2014 MU have been posted on this blog.

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