Tuesday, November 10, 2015

10 Things Only An Engineer Could Relate.

1. Two Types of students :-
"Xyz ka lecture hai.. chal jaate hai"
"Xyz ka lecture hai bc .. kaun jayega?"

2. Half of their life at the college is wasted in travelling from entrance gate to the college or waiting for the lifts.

3.  Every morning, "Meri attendance kitni hogi?" comes to their mind before "5 minute aur sotaa hu". 

4.The fear of placement expectations is directly proportionate to decreasing papa’s pocket money supply and mummy’s rona dhona.

5. Had there been a penny for every time an Engineer said "Bhai bas ek page likhke de na Assignment ka." Every engineer would have been a millionaire.

6. They don’t party after their exams because they have another set of exams waiting the next week.

7. Two Types of people who complete their assignments :
1. Chhapnevaale.
2. Chhapnevaale.

8. Relationship Status : Studying Engineering.

9. If 'A little knowledge is dangerous', Then Engineering students are lethal Nuclear weapons.

10. Transformers are not exactly what they show in sci-fi movies. No, really.

More to Come  :')
Stay Tuned.

**Question papers of Sem - 1 December 2014 have been posted on this blog.

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