Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mistakes in TVF Pitchers - 1

" Ek Baat bata.... Tu Kya Hai?" Say this in group of people 
and much like you hear "Jai Mata Di" after somebody 
says "Zor se bolo.", you will hear some one say "Tu 
Beer hai BC." Yes, I am talking about the very famous 'TVF 
PITCHERS' which has got the whole India, naah! the 
whole world go crazy. I was so  influenced by this, i 
watched it over and over again like a freak. However 
each time I watched it, I found something unorthodox in 
the TV series. So um, Here are some of the mistakes I 
found in TVF Pitchers. Sorry for being Diabolical. :P

S01E01 [Tu Beer hai]
[Jeetu's Office Scene]
Here we see that Jeetu takes out 1 cigarette from his drawer and his Cigarettes are marked by the days of the week. This means that he smokes only 1 cigarette a day.

Then he goes to the balcony and starting taking his drags, here his cigarette is almost 1/4th burnt to ashes.

But after some time(seconds), when Jeetu's irritating colleague calls him and later starts chatting with him:
We see that the cigarette is just lit up only at the tip.

So in the few seconds of smoking a cigarette Jeetu bhaiya actually replenishes a part of cigarette rather than consuming it.

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