Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mistakes in TVF Pitchers - 4

S01E05 :

When Jeetu is bashing all of the "Dungeon_master's" dorm room :-

We see two computer LCD screens just before he is about to thrash them out.

And the next moment what we see after a few seconds...

We are shown only a single screen (and a smaller one) that is trashed out by Jeetu. Where did the other one go? 

* Bonus Observations *

We even see that the screen falls down after beaten up by the bat here...

Indeed that screen falls on the ground...


But in the next scene where the famous dialogue is quoted "Gunde nahi hai, Entrepreneur hain Bh*nch*d"... We notice that the screen(which was on the ground) resurrects and lays on the table yet again 

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