Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mistakes in TVF Pitchers - 5


In this episode during their first meeting with Ankit bharadwaj, the VC guy, the position of Navin's tie changed in 4 consecutive frames. 
First frame: It's a perfect knot

Second frame: you can see the change now

Third frame: Tie goes back to square one

Fourth frame: And the untidy look is back! 

So between 11:41 to 12:17 Navin's tie goes from a perfect knot to an untidy one and then repeat!

This is it!
TVF Pitchers is one of the greatest shows India has ever had. And Moreover, nothing is perfect. 
Kudos to all the viewers who took this sportingly. TVF Pitchers, We love you!
Stay Tuned.

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