Saturday, December 19, 2015

A Step Towards Women Safety- FIR and ICE Apps by Mumbai Police

I recently came across two APPS that look very promising in terms of WOMEN SAFETY, so thought of sharing the same with all of you.
Women safety has been a growing concern over the years and if technology can add any support to ease the pressure and help women get better or added safety, then why not….
  1. FIR – Thane Rural Police – First Immediate Response (F.I.R)

About the App:In case of any emergency you can use FIR app. FIR app will send user’s Geo-location (using GPS of mobile device) to the Control Room of Mira Bhayander Police on a single click of help button.
This app is also available for iOS
Check out the related video on how this app works

2. ICE – Mumbai Police – KPMG in India
Mumbai ce

About the app:Emergency situations can arise unannounced and with impunity. The Law Enforcement and Emergency Response Agencies are able to react and contain the losses only upon their arrival on the scene. However, when emergency strikes, if we are aware of emergency response procedures as first responders then we can not only minimize the impact but also build resilience around our communities. ICE Mumbai police APP.
If you have come across any such apps or if you would like to share feedback about these apps or about your experiences, do share your views and comments. Would love to hear from you.
Have a safe travel. 

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Do note: I am not connected with either of these apps in any manner and neither is this a sponsored post. I found these links online and thought they could be resourceful and hence sharing the same.

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