Sunday, January 31, 2016

College Proposals and Their Responses

1. The Expensive proposal:

Not very rare, you can catch up with these actions on your campus for a couple or two. There is this rich hot-shot guy who will manage to set up a well-planned environment and buy all the gifts and kneel down to the babe of your college. With dozens of roses! Literally. In your mind, it is like playing a dare, to say no to it. And amidst all this, the girl simply walks down on him. Poor guy, but alas, the whole college has now got the new topic of gossip!

2. The Smartphone proposal:

Now this is the Gen-next type of proposal. Boy takes all the pains to draw a wallpaper or a romantic picture, expressing his deep seated love for the girl and passes his phone to her. He knows that no girl can remain unmoved after seeing romantic wallpaper. The girl completely ignores it, returning the phone. Boy, now that is a show on disgrace and sadness on the guy’s face. You can’t say what it is- surprised, confused, anger, tears maybe. Even consoling this guy is a tough task.

3. The Senior Junior proposal:

number 3

It is freshers’ time and you are out to intro sessions when you see one innocent pretty face and that is it- you have fallen in love. At the first sight. Your batchmates start teasing you around, you attend college fests to catch up with her, become friends with her friends and constantly nag them to ask her opinions about you. You stare at her, which irritates her. When you conjure all your courage to confront her, she turns you down with a big lecture. In college, we call that a ‘solid beizatti' or better'A SOSDA".

4. The lazy text proposal:

number 4

You text her saying I am in love with you while she has no idea who you are. There is no response from her side. You send some more texts, one after the other, proclaiming your unending, undying love for her. But you never get any reply. Your love stories starts and ends up with these texts. But you are lucky that you are saved from any humiliation because no one really knows your love story except for the two of you.

5. The Tour proposal:

number 5

You are on industrial tour. You get a golden chance to be with her all the time. You feel you are the luckiest person on the Earth. You assist her with everything, bring meals for her, talk with her, do everything that she had told you she enjoys; and when you feel that it is nothing but love, she will tell you that you are his best friend. Or in the worst case- she will say you are ‘just like my BROTHER!!!’

6. The Third party proposal:


So a common friend takes it upon him to set your story with the girl of your dreams. The girl turns you down straight. But your friend tells you not to lose hope. He will keep on trying to get her to love you back. Two months later, the girl is dating the common friend!

So Um, Here It is!

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Saturday, January 30, 2016

7 Reasons Why Living On Your Own In A Hostel Is Not Easy.

1. Paying bills- is real.
2. No dwarves are going to come and clean your crib or rather your bed.
3. Household items and groceries do not appear magically in kitchen, you have to go and buy them.
4. You have to learn the art of dealing with not-so-welcoming neighbors.
And how can you forget the landlords? They, too, are ready to suck the blood out of you.
5. If something stops working in the house, learn to fix it.
Unless you’re ready to shed some money and get it repaired.
6. Learn to cook well or memorize the numbers of all the nearest “cheap” restaurants.
Cheap is the keyword here if you’re gonna be doing it often!
7. Make room for your roomie’s girlfriend.
Pests come in human form too!
Technically, welcome to adulthood. I wish you a happy and pleasant stay!

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Joining Engineering changes everyone. These posters can prove it!

We all remember the good old days of school where we used to sleep on time and wake up early. We would take a bath everyday and do our homework on time. Then school got over and we came to Engineering college, and EVERYTHING CHANGED!
Have a closer look at how engineering has changed the lives of all engineers in the country in these posters.

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