Saturday, January 30, 2016

7 Reasons Why Living On Your Own In A Hostel Is Not Easy.

1. Paying bills- is real.
2. No dwarves are going to come and clean your crib or rather your bed.
3. Household items and groceries do not appear magically in kitchen, you have to go and buy them.
4. You have to learn the art of dealing with not-so-welcoming neighbors.
And how can you forget the landlords? They, too, are ready to suck the blood out of you.
5. If something stops working in the house, learn to fix it.
Unless you’re ready to shed some money and get it repaired.
6. Learn to cook well or memorize the numbers of all the nearest “cheap” restaurants.
Cheap is the keyword here if you’re gonna be doing it often!
7. Make room for your roomie’s girlfriend.
Pests come in human form too!
Technically, welcome to adulthood. I wish you a happy and pleasant stay!

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