Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Revolutionary Ride :- A logistically Difficult Promise.

I was on a  bus in Singapore and met a US citizen, a Californian to be precise.  So I kind of got in a conversation with Andrew. While we were talking I asked him in relation to the conversation that was going on, “When was google launched?”. “4 February 2004”, he promptly replied. “What were you Indians doing at that time?”, he asked. “We were busy deciding wheter we should Marry our Brahmin daughters to dalit grooms.” Then I asked him about when  Twitter was launched., He repiled, “21 March 2006”. What were you Indians doing at that time?. I replied , “Hindus and Muslims were busy planning wars on each other. “. Later I asked him when was Whatsapp launched? He said, “February 2010. What were you Indians doing at that time?” . “We were busy fighting for reservations. aag laga rahe the.. Patriya ukhad rahe the..” Then I realized on 12 July 1969, Neil Armstrong, first man to land on moon took off from USA. I told him about it and then  he asked me What were we doing in 1969. I replied we were busy killing females in the fetuses, We had no time to think about all this. Then we talked about escalating rate of dollar which he pointed out was during March 2014. Then he asked me about what we Indians were doing at that time.  yes, we were busy discussing how many Muslims would stay in India and how many should go in Pakistan. Then he told me about USA being superpower and how they were taught about it in school. While we were in school we were taught about which power and political party is bigger than whom. Soon after that there was an awkward silence and taking a deep breath, I asked him, “Who is the CEO of Google?”,  “Sundar Pichai”, he said. I was like “Bhai ye to Indian hai”. “CEO of Microsoft?”, “Satya Nadella” “Bhai ye bhi India se hai”. “CEO of Pepsi?” , “Indra Krishnamurthy”. “Bhai ye bhi Indian”. “CEO of Mastercard?” “Ajay Pal singh Bangal” . He was like, “What's Wrong with you indians?” Why cannot they perfrom in their own country but are shining like a huge diamond here in USA. Bhai wohi to problem hai hamari. socho agar hamare 3 logon ne yaha aake itni tarakki ki hai… to sab Saath Milke kya kya kar sakte hai.. .. So While I returned, I promised him, the next time if at all he visits india, It would be in a better place than it was before.

Ref :-RJ Naved's Call to an anonymous travel agency.

-Kanishk Jain


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Stereotypes about Indians.

                               STEREOTYPES ABOUT INDIANS

We live in  a world where everyone and everything is presumed. We have reservations for all. It’s hard for us to look at anybody with a  fresh outlook and welcome his differences. No truer words have been said to describe the diversity of our country. But there are certain stereotypes, which are largely untrue, has held the imagination of people who haven’t visited India yet. So let’s break some mental blocks today. 

1.  All Indians eat rich spicy curries full of sauce and "masala" at every meal and are perfectly fine while one night of Indian food gives everybody else heartburn.

No! India is a big, diverse country. Practically every province in India has its own unique cuisine. Most of the food seen/eaten by people outside India is Punjabi. However, people even in the Punjab do not gorge on Baltis and Tikka Masalas! Heck, most Indian sounding restaurants abroad like "Bombay Palace" or "Taj blah blah", aren't even owned by Indians nowadays. The staple diet of most Indians consist of dal/sambar , rice, chapatis/rotis with cooked vegetables(mildly spiced/stir fried) or fish/meat. Rich, thick gravies are either found in restaurants or prepared (rarely) during special occasions.

2. All Indians speak Hindi. English is only known to a few. 

All wrong. The north predominantly speaks Hindi. The south has 4 different languages for four different states. Likewise Eastern states have their own languages. At present India as a sovereign country  has 22 official languages and over 30 languages have more than a million native speakers. So when next time some one asks you, “How come your English is so good?”, tell them, I’m from the country with the second-largest English-speaking population in the world. You?.

3. India = land of the Hindus. 
Nothing could be farther from the truth. India has roughly the same number of Muslims as Pakistan (10.9% v/s 11% of total Muslim population), putting India third in the ranking of countries by Muslim populations (after Indonesia and Pakistan).  India also has significant populations of Christians. Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists.

4. Indians live in huge extended families with their parents in one (bad) hullabo.
Blame it on the numerous nonsensical saas-bahu serials, the general conception of a huge Indian joint family living under a single roof is a bit exaggerated and misplaced. 

5. Indians are uncomfortable towards opposite sex.
One of the most famous American sitcom, this shows Indian character Raj who is originally from New Delhi. Again, this program has given births to false stereotypes.
Raj's principal characteristic is selective mutism which does not allow him to talk to women unless under the influence of alcohol. So do you think that Indian taps carry beer, rivers carry wine and rain showers champagne? Or do you think in the state Gujarat, where alcohol is illegal, there is a Great Wall of Gujarat separating males and females? Do you know how Raj is in real like - he is married to one of the most beautiful women - Miss India 2006.

Stereotyping based on states:

She is a Punjabi – She will be loud
 He is Marati – He hates North Indians
 He is a Bengali – He has to be a scholar(and a fish lover)
 She is a Goan – She has to be really cool and a beer lover
 He is a UP Wallah – Ah! Goon…run away
 He is a Haryanvi – Another goon, run for your life
 He is a Bihari – Haha! Wren and Martin are going to have a tough time now
 She is from Chandigarh – Her ultimate aim in life is becoming a roadie
 He is a Delhi Guy – He knows nothing about the rest of India
 She is from Meghalaya/Tripura/Arunachal – Momos, Momos these guys only eat momos.

Dowry is prevalent in every part of India


There’s no dowry system in most of the North Eastern states of India. Infact, in Meghalaya, marriages are matriarchal with a matrilineal system where property names and wealth passes from mother to daughter rather than father to son. You’ll find women take center-stage in every aspect of life.

 Indian cinema is equal to Bollywood

3Image Source

This is untrue as there are number of movie Industries in India and Bollywood is only Hindi Cinema which has a big reach than others. Be it Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi or even Bhojpuri, the contribution of regional films to Indian cinema is immense. While Bollywood mints money, regional cinema brings accolades. 
Everyone from Assam looks like this.


Cricket is NOT the religion of every Indian
image sourceNot everyone is a cricket lover in India. Some even detest the game. Sports like tennis, badminton, football etc are also widely pursued.
Arranged marriages don’t happen overnight without the couple spending time to know each other

Almost every arranged marriage in India is preceded by an extended period of informal ‘dates’ (meetings) between the couple to evaluate each other and their prospective relationship.

India does not have a single climate. It’s not hot everywhere.
From the frozen lakes of Kashmir to the sunny beaches of Havelock Island, rains of Cherrapunji to the sands of Rajasthan, the climate of India varies. 

All Indians have ‘that’ accent
Despite what Russel Peters and Indian characters in popular TV shows have propagated, all Indians do not speak English in a thick accent, while bobbing their heads. In fact, English spoken by Indians is the most audible and least accented rendition of the language by a non-native country.

Everyone from Southern India is dark skinned & has curly hair

NO! Majority of South Indians have a wheatish tone. Not everyone has a mustache and they don’t wear lungi all the time.
 Indians are a cool bunch. In reality, stereotypes don’t really bother us.
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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Was It All Worth It?

     Hey Guys, I haven't posted for quite a long now. Too bored with the monotonous approach, I decided to do something new. That's when I thought of starting an online series, #WasItAllWorthIt in which the readers were gonna be the writers. I was quite satisfied with the response I got though not overwhelmed, to be honest. But Yes, It was fun to interact with people. I got to know instances in their lives they would have never talked about had it not been for this blog. *Mental High Five*. And trust me, Never trust people when they say, they can't write. Okay sometimes you should but not always. Those who say they can't write, turn out to be the best writers, Seriously. And I am very grateful to all of you, all those who took some time of their busy lives and wrote such awesome stuff for my blog. Thanks for making this possible.

So um here it is.

In one line..By seeing country's today's state I could just recall one thing...The Election Day... #WasItAllWorthIt.

-Yash Borvankar

I gave up my job, my career. Went from Dr to Mrs Home Maker for their sake. Wanted to give them the best values, ethics and morals. Developed their conscience in the right direction. Inculcated altruism in them.
They have everything now. Money, Great job, Posh car, house, other extravagant items and educated wives.
But here I am in the old age home. Secluded from everyone I ever knew. Gave up everything I had for their sake. Did I fail or they failed?

-Saee Javdekar

Anniversary of a relationship where I gave in all of me where she wasn't even aware of our relation.
It was the time when I fell for her, those giggles and constantly playing with those strands around her face.
We were strangers holding infinite memories together , at least I am holding them and when that relationship turned 1 year, I went on a date with her to a hospital. Yes, a date in hospital! Strange. Isn't it?

It was worst and best memory I could hold, I was going through all our memories in a blink of an eye.
I wanted to meet her that day. May be god was on my side that day in the worst manner, she met with an accident.
I was horrified with the fact of her being in pain and arrived to meet her, she was sleeping* pale and drooling*, those strands were still on her face waiting for her to play with it.
I woke her up, she came up with that brightest smile she always had!
We met and chatted on our first and last date on our 1st anniversary  of our relationship where I hold those infinite memories and she is holding memories with someone else

Was that relationship worth it  all  worth it  ?


Semester 1.
Exam 2.
A subject whose full form is a vague memory till date. But somehow, I liked it. Maybe because I nailed the viva.
I remember getting 5-6 holidays for preparation. I knew the subject well. Infact, I taught it to a fellow friend a day or two before the exam.
It was the D-Day. I wrote the paper, it was okay. And so was my friend's. We get our results after a zillion months and bam! I barely pass, and he gets an outstanding grade. Reason? "Mumbai university hai boss". You slog it off, you gauge out your eyes, look like a zombie for a subject, and in the end, you barely pass because that's how they roll?
So I ask #wasitallworthit

-Kriti Gupta.

And, there he was. Standing like a corpse in front of me. Waiting for me to give in. How can I forget those sleepless nights wherein I wished him to be mine for eternity when he was sleeping with my best friend. Now, he is telling me that he will love me forever. How can I believe in those sweet melted words, honey?
All those days we spent together went in vain. What was my fault?
Was it worth it all?

(My shelf Of thoughts)
-Taniya Dasgupta.

Worked her ass off to build her dream. Failed for the umpteenth time. Scattered, disappointed, but these things couldn't halt her. She believed in working hard, more than having a talent. Stood again, stronger than ever. Her dreams are bigger than those cut offs.
Was that hardwork worth at all ?


Going out of the box to make someone happy is the best thing you can probably do and I did the same. Making time , finding ways to bring a bright smile on his face . ' He was my best friend' is the line which disturbs everything . There were issues of me being close to him but later that vanished cause I realised there was some other girl who is missing out her part . After time when I found someone who goes to his extremes to make me smile issues took rebirth . Misunderstanding measured the distance between us . He wasn't ok with someone else in my life . well , all the promises we made , sacrifice we did , efforts we took ... #wasitallworthit Now we hardly talk and it hurts when you see that there is person with whom you used to talk whole day and now there is no sign of it .. and this makes me think

-Varsha Shingade

A week before 12th boards . Past midnight , I said to myself ,oh! Come on its for the only guy you are about so much and voila! After another sleepless night it was!... A box of memories with 18 letters for his 18th birthday. An idol he worshipped and a sketch of us I made.I couldn't forget the look on his face when i gave him that box.. but a month or two after that ,we broke up . Now it's 6 months we haven't talked to each other. And i just got to know that he threw away that gift .. n i still wonder was it all worth it ? Spoiling the most important year of my academics when i failed my preboards.


One Day, A good Friend Of Mine Asked Me he could borrow Pair Of Shoes That I Rarely Wear In Hip Hop Block Parties Or Performing On Stage. I gavw It to him Without even Asking For What Event he Need My Shoes. I Expected him to give Them Back in 2 Days In Same Condition. But They were Never Returned! After 2 months I Asked Him about Whereabouts of My Shoes because I Needed Them. He Replied that his Friend Borrowed Them Yesterday ( one Of His Good Friends). I Was Feeling Irritated because those Shoes Were My favourite And Now They Are wandering From one foot To Another Foot.  After 3-4 Days I Saw one of my Close Friends Practising Wearing Those Shoes!
Trust me, Never keep Expectations.
These Non Living Things( Shoes) Sometimes Break Many Close Relations!
-Sachin Deewana (Artist)

I was doing a project for competition of eyantra. That morning I  went to eyantra lab and then for practicals on 4th floor. Some students were waiting outside the practical lab. I just reached there and saw  our HOD came there...some students were able to escape from there but we were caught...he took our ids and warned to call our parents..I thought "aab toh lag gayi"...but he returned our ids after yelling on us...huh!...' was it all worth it'. what would have happened had I just not een to the pracs. I would have completed my project and also Nothing would have happened.
-Anay Ghatpande.

I studied hard day & night  during the  exams. Even though I had fever, I slogged myself with an expectation of getting a good engineering college. Results were out. They were quite satisfactory.    I filled the form for engineering  and I got RAIT clg probably one of the best colleges in our city. I was elated at that time. Then after  somedays I got to know that my another friend who didn't study  for boards and not even  for JEE got the same college  and we both are now  studying in same college together. You must be thinking he must have got aseat through reservations?
Nope...!!! He is also from general category. This was the day I lost faith in the education system of India.
Was that all worth it?

-Rohit Gharge.

What is important in every students life? Just to reach at a top. And to get a best value for their efforts they make year by years. 

                  Sometimes  I wonder if everything that I do , or we do , is worth all our trouble,  I'm tired of trying so hard, I'm tired of being what I want to be , but I'm not tired of all the failures , all the problems, all the conflicts and the confrontations. This isn't supposed to be what it was like.

                    The day begins, I reached college and suddenly one of my friend told me about the notice announced by Psychology Department of Mumbai University.  I rushed to notice board. It was about to make some Neuropsychology project . I registered my name. That was a first opportunity for me to present my knowledge in front of people. Prof. Chitra ma'am make 3 groups, each group with 4 members. After group discussion, we decided some of topics. We choose 'BIOLOGY OF MIND' and that was a best topic. I reached home. Each day i spend 5-6 hours on internet , make notes , picked out related images , watched videos about brain.  I took books and model of brain, it cost above 3000 ₹. I had a meeting with my group. Teach them everything in detail , make presentation , we purchased handycam to shoot presentation. I read books till late night . But that was't enough knowledge. So I went hospital, had appointment with 'neurosurgeon'. Learned everything in depth . My sister is computer science student and one of my friend knows about web designing, so I insist both to make best web site . And they did it.  Everything is ready now. 

                    Finally the day arrived. We went to mumbai. Each college presented their projects. And after 2-3 hours university announced top 10 projects. We got 3rd rank. We won  in top 10 projects. University called group leader on the stage .They took group leader name as a winner. This amazed me. And at that time ,I come across , actually it was an individual project instead of group project. And other members are just a supporters.  It hurts me when I saw someone other is appreciating for mine efforts. I felt that someone from inside of my body is asking me question like, what about your effort? what about the money and time you spend in this? where you stand? And the most important what you gain from this ? This questions reveal in my mind. I feel helpless and negative vibration around me. And I run out from there. When I reached home, I saw my mother face is asking me about the reward. I looked down and told her that I failed. 

                     Next day principal called our group and rewarded us. And the reward was just 1 pen and rose . But no one knows that actually who took an efforts. Is one pen and rose is enough reward for my efforts?  I can't help but I wonder.

-Dnyati Burkhe


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