Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Revolutionary Ride :- A logistically Difficult Promise.

I was on a  bus in Singapore and met a US citizen, a Californian to be precise.  So I kind of got in a conversation with Andrew. While we were talking I asked him in relation to the conversation that was going on, “When was google launched?”. “4 February 2004”, he promptly replied. “What were you Indians doing at that time?”, he asked. “We were busy deciding wheter we should Marry our Brahmin daughters to dalit grooms.” Then I asked him about when  Twitter was launched., He repiled, “21 March 2006”. What were you Indians doing at that time?. I replied , “Hindus and Muslims were busy planning wars on each other. “. Later I asked him when was Whatsapp launched? He said, “February 2010. What were you Indians doing at that time?” . “We were busy fighting for reservations. aag laga rahe the.. Patriya ukhad rahe the..” Then I realized on 12 July 1969, Neil Armstrong, first man to land on moon took off from USA. I told him about it and then  he asked me What were we doing in 1969. I replied we were busy killing females in the fetuses, We had no time to think about all this. Then we talked about escalating rate of dollar which he pointed out was during March 2014. Then he asked me about what we Indians were doing at that time.  yes, we were busy discussing how many Muslims would stay in India and how many should go in Pakistan. Then he told me about USA being superpower and how they were taught about it in school. While we were in school we were taught about which power and political party is bigger than whom. Soon after that there was an awkward silence and taking a deep breath, I asked him, “Who is the CEO of Google?”,  “Sundar Pichai”, he said. I was like “Bhai ye to Indian hai”. “CEO of Microsoft?”, “Satya Nadella” “Bhai ye bhi India se hai”. “CEO of Pepsi?” , “Indra Krishnamurthy”. “Bhai ye bhi Indian”. “CEO of Mastercard?” “Ajay Pal singh Bangal” . He was like, “What's Wrong with you indians?” Why cannot they perfrom in their own country but are shining like a huge diamond here in USA. Bhai wohi to problem hai hamari. socho agar hamare 3 logon ne yaha aake itni tarakki ki hai… to sab Saath Milke kya kya kar sakte hai.. .. So While I returned, I promised him, the next time if at all he visits india, It would be in a better place than it was before.

Ref :-RJ Naved's Call to an anonymous travel agency.

-Kanishk Jain


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