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Stereotypes about Indians.

                               STEREOTYPES ABOUT INDIANS

We live in  a world where everyone and everything is presumed. We have reservations for all. It’s hard for us to look at anybody with a  fresh outlook and welcome his differences. No truer words have been said to describe the diversity of our country. But there are certain stereotypes, which are largely untrue, has held the imagination of people who haven’t visited India yet. So let’s break some mental blocks today. 

1.  All Indians eat rich spicy curries full of sauce and "masala" at every meal and are perfectly fine while one night of Indian food gives everybody else heartburn.

No! India is a big, diverse country. Practically every province in India has its own unique cuisine. Most of the food seen/eaten by people outside India is Punjabi. However, people even in the Punjab do not gorge on Baltis and Tikka Masalas! Heck, most Indian sounding restaurants abroad like "Bombay Palace" or "Taj blah blah", aren't even owned by Indians nowadays. The staple diet of most Indians consist of dal/sambar , rice, chapatis/rotis with cooked vegetables(mildly spiced/stir fried) or fish/meat. Rich, thick gravies are either found in restaurants or prepared (rarely) during special occasions.

2. All Indians speak Hindi. English is only known to a few. 

All wrong. The north predominantly speaks Hindi. The south has 4 different languages for four different states. Likewise Eastern states have their own languages. At present India as a sovereign country  has 22 official languages and over 30 languages have more than a million native speakers. So when next time some one asks you, “How come your English is so good?”, tell them, I’m from the country with the second-largest English-speaking population in the world. You?.

3. India = land of the Hindus. 
Nothing could be farther from the truth. India has roughly the same number of Muslims as Pakistan (10.9% v/s 11% of total Muslim population), putting India third in the ranking of countries by Muslim populations (after Indonesia and Pakistan).  India also has significant populations of Christians. Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists.

4. Indians live in huge extended families with their parents in one (bad) hullabo.
Blame it on the numerous nonsensical saas-bahu serials, the general conception of a huge Indian joint family living under a single roof is a bit exaggerated and misplaced. 

5. Indians are uncomfortable towards opposite sex.
One of the most famous American sitcom, this shows Indian character Raj who is originally from New Delhi. Again, this program has given births to false stereotypes.
Raj's principal characteristic is selective mutism which does not allow him to talk to women unless under the influence of alcohol. So do you think that Indian taps carry beer, rivers carry wine and rain showers champagne? Or do you think in the state Gujarat, where alcohol is illegal, there is a Great Wall of Gujarat separating males and females? Do you know how Raj is in real like - he is married to one of the most beautiful women - Miss India 2006.

Stereotyping based on states:

She is a Punjabi – She will be loud
 He is Marati – He hates North Indians
 He is a Bengali – He has to be a scholar(and a fish lover)
 She is a Goan – She has to be really cool and a beer lover
 He is a UP Wallah – Ah! Goon…run away
 He is a Haryanvi – Another goon, run for your life
 He is a Bihari – Haha! Wren and Martin are going to have a tough time now
 She is from Chandigarh – Her ultimate aim in life is becoming a roadie
 He is a Delhi Guy – He knows nothing about the rest of India
 She is from Meghalaya/Tripura/Arunachal – Momos, Momos these guys only eat momos.

Dowry is prevalent in every part of India


There’s no dowry system in most of the North Eastern states of India. Infact, in Meghalaya, marriages are matriarchal with a matrilineal system where property names and wealth passes from mother to daughter rather than father to son. You’ll find women take center-stage in every aspect of life.

 Indian cinema is equal to Bollywood

3Image Source

This is untrue as there are number of movie Industries in India and Bollywood is only Hindi Cinema which has a big reach than others. Be it Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi or even Bhojpuri, the contribution of regional films to Indian cinema is immense. While Bollywood mints money, regional cinema brings accolades. 
Everyone from Assam looks like this.


Cricket is NOT the religion of every Indian
image sourceNot everyone is a cricket lover in India. Some even detest the game. Sports like tennis, badminton, football etc are also widely pursued.
Arranged marriages don’t happen overnight without the couple spending time to know each other

Almost every arranged marriage in India is preceded by an extended period of informal ‘dates’ (meetings) between the couple to evaluate each other and their prospective relationship.

India does not have a single climate. It’s not hot everywhere.
From the frozen lakes of Kashmir to the sunny beaches of Havelock Island, rains of Cherrapunji to the sands of Rajasthan, the climate of India varies. 

All Indians have ‘that’ accent
Despite what Russel Peters and Indian characters in popular TV shows have propagated, all Indians do not speak English in a thick accent, while bobbing their heads. In fact, English spoken by Indians is the most audible and least accented rendition of the language by a non-native country.

Everyone from Southern India is dark skinned & has curly hair

NO! Majority of South Indians have a wheatish tone. Not everyone has a mustache and they don’t wear lungi all the time.
 Indians are a cool bunch. In reality, stereotypes don’t really bother us.
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