Friday, April 15, 2016

The 10 Things that would be on every Indian College Student's Wish List

Having lots of Money, many apartments, owning a lot of jewelry - these are not really the typical wishes we college students have.
Let’s be real and honest, we as college students want free lectures so that we can go for movies with our gang, we want free food so that we don’t have to spend our entire pocket money just to have food from a fancy restaurant, we want the power to skip boring lectures and hangout with our college buds etc etc. it’s a lonnnggggg list, might take an eternity!
But we can talk about some of our major wishes, right?
And here they are (well at least some of them)….
1. A personal fine dining area/café/restaurant
… where we can eat as much as we want and whatever we want without paying a single penny from our pockets.
2. A convertible car
Well, every college student wants a car to drive to college. But sometimes we like to flaunt too and therefore a convertible. After all who doesn’t want to be able to have the wind rushing through their hair...
3. Nap times and breaks
This will be our fiesta time, baby!
4. Ctrl + s option for notes
How easy our life would be if this option comes handy?
5. Getting paid for attending lectures
Who wouldn’t want that?
And how cool it would be if you get paid for attending lectures? Also, the ratio of present students against absentees will reverse as nobody will miss the class then.
6. A class where playing videogames or doing online shopping is the only rule.
7. A button, which once pressed, gives unlimited daaru…
8. A button which mutes the person you hate talking to…
9. A robot who can do our homework, iron our clothes, clean our messy room, and sometimes clean us too…
10. And last but not the least, an ability to answer every question asked during the exams…

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