Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Different Types Of People We Come Across When We Travel In Public Transport

     Public transport is just a representation of the society, except on wheels. Weird things happen when people travel on vehicles that are not theirs. They talk loudly across the compartments on trains. Some lurk around the ladies compartment, while others choose to sit and discuss family matters as loudly as they can. Then there are some quiet ones, who'll just sit and read their erotic novels in the corner, like good citizens. You'll hear the strangest conversations and the wackiest of things when you're travelling with strangers.

Admit it; we all hate public transport very much.
The reason?
A) Its always stuffed. 
B) The various types of people we come across.
Here are some individuals we all fear standing / sitting next to us while we are traveling using public transport…
1. The sweaty ones
There is nothing worse than seeing someone pungent standing / sitting next to you and especially when you are squashed in a metro / bus and there is no possible way of escaping. In the monsoons this issue is compunded even more... YUCK! 
2. The ear-splitting music wanker
These are the people to whom we would like to say: turn the fucking volume down!
3. The Chipku
There is plenty of space and at least 10 free seats on the bus / train but these people will sit / stand next to you.

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4. The shouter

“Kya, awaaz nahi aa rahi… zor se bolna?”
Hello, we can all hear you loud & clear, some peace please?
5. The creep
These people will either keep staring at your phone over your shoulder or will make direct eye contact that lasts more than one minute.
To them we'd like to say LEAVE US ALONE and Mind Your Own Business!
6. The PDA couple 
Uhh. Awkward, awkward, awkward.
Get a room guys! 
7. The Quarrel Ready

These people are always on their nerves. They are so short tempered they get annoyed when someone next to them take 20 short breaths instead of a few long ones. They have basically completed PhD in abusing.
-Kanishk Jain
for (Engineering Loves Me)

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