Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How to downgrade instagram (Android and iOS)

Instragram's new update could certainly be one of the most hated things on the Internet in the past month. So here's how to downgrade it. 

For Android Users

1. Uninstall the app from phone.
3. Parse the package
4. Stay Happy.

For iOS users.

1. Delete the app from your iPhone.
2. Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.
3. Do not update your apps in iTunes. Back up and sync your iPhone using iTunes.
4. When the sync is complete, click your iPhone in the left iTunes menu under DEVICES. Click the Apps tab at the top of the iTunes window. Find the app you wish to downgrade under Sync Apps.
5. Make sure the box is checked next to the app you wish to downgrade. Click the Apply button.
6. The old version of the application will be copied from your computer to the iPhone.
If you have already updated the application on your computer, or synced your iPhone before deleting the new version of the app you must follow this step first. Open the trash can or recycling bin and look for the older app version (this file will end with the suffix .ipa).
Drag the old app file into the iTunes window. iTunes will ask if you want to replace the app with an older version. Confirm and begin from step one above. If the old version is not in your trash can you cannot access the older version of the app.
(NOTE: iTunes 11 no longer supports Custom IPSW files; you will need to find iTunes 10, and/or use a developer registered devicewith XCode to test applications not on the App Store)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Important questions and programs for Structured Programming Approach (SPA) Mumbai University

List of important questions for theory

Content belongs to Prof. Smita Patil

List of programs

WAP to calculate the sum of 1st five natural numbers.
WAP to display the factorial of the given number.
WAP to generate a Fibonacci series.
WAP to generate the table of the given numbers.
WAP to generate the following output. (display Pattern types program do as much as you can for patern types there is no specific pattern so have to practice all types.)
WAP to find sum of natural numbers using do while loop. Or while loop.
WAP to calculate the sum and product of the given integer. (3 digit or 4 digit integer)
WAP to generate the reverse of the given integer.
WAP to check whether the given number is amstrong or not.
WAP to check the given integer prime or not.
WAP to calculate the avg of the numbers using the function.
WAP to calculate factorial of the given number using function.
WAP to calculate nCr using the function.
WAP to check the number Armstrong or not using the function.
WAP to calculate the sum on (n) integers using ARRAY
WAP to count number of odd and even numbers in the (n) terms using ARRAY
WAP to generate the reverse of the ARRAY without using other ARRAY.
WAP to evaluate the Summation equation.
WAP to arrange the given numbers in Ascending or descending (IMP)**
WAP to search the number in given list of (n ) numbers using ARRAY
WAP to delete a value from the ARRAY of (n) terms.
WAP to find the legth of the string and display the reverse of the string.
WAP to delete all the spaces from the string.
WAP to determine the string is palindrome or not.
WAP to copy the content of one file to another and display it.
WAP to create a structure wich display the information of cricketer etc etc..
WAP to calculate matrix multiplications & transpose (any one is asked).

Understanding Structured Programming Approach (SPA) Blue Print

First of all, if you still haven't seen SPA Blue Print


The Blue Print is right here, but understanding it is quite a tedious task.

In the  above Blue Print, you will see C, A and K

C(Concept) Stands for THEORY.

A(Ability) stands for Algorithm and Program.

K(Knowledge) stands for Output Question.



Why Your Downloading Speed Is Always Lesser Than What Your Service Provider Promises


P.S :- Pretty soon important questions for SPA will be posted. Stay tuned

Here’s Why Your Downloading Speed Is Always Lesser Than What Your Service Provider Promises

generation a person can live without food but can’t survive without a smart phone and obviously the internet connection. It has become so important that we carefully choose the pack and pay for the desired pack from the Internet Service Provider (ISP).
But have you ever wondered or checked why your downloading speed is always lesser than what your ISP promises? Actually it is myth that our speed is always lesser than what our ISP promises. Confused?

Smart marketing strategy of Internet Service Providers

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) always lures people by their marketing strategy so as to buy their service. In other words ISP always gives you the speed in terms of Bits per second but when downloading a file from internet, the downloading speed will be shown in Bytes per second. This leads to so much confusion in the mind of a common man and he thinks I have been cheated.

To make it simple we will take an example:

Let us consider that your ISP has promised a download speed of 2 Mbps, it means they provide you 2 Mega bits per second but not 2 Mega Bytes per second.
Now coming to the conversion of bits into bytes,  1 Byte = 8 bits i.e divide by 8 to convert bits into bytes.
2 Mega bits per second = 2 Mbps / 8 = 2048 Kbps / 8 = 256 Kilo Bytes per second (KBps)
So the actual download speed you get is just 256 KBps (which is equivalent to 2 Mbps) but not 2 MBps.
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Source : Sarang Seth's blog.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Applied Chemistry 2 Important Questions (Mumbai University)

1. Corrosion

Types of Corrosion
Factors affecting rate of corrosion
Cathodic and Anodic protection
Galvanizing and Tinning
Metallic Coatings


2. Alloys

Powder Metallurgy
Compacting and Sintering

Composition, Properties and Uses of: 
-Gun Metal
-Tinman's Solders
-German Silver
-Woods' metal

Ceramic Powders


3. Fuels (Most Imp)

Refining of petroleum
Bio diesel
Fixed bed catalytic cracking
Octane and Cetane number
Characteristics of good fuel


4. Composite Materials and Adhesives

Characteristic Properties
Applications of Composite materials
Adhesive action
Advantages and Limitations of Adhesives


5. Green Chemistry
Basic Principles
Synthesis of Indigo and Adipic acid
Industrial Applications 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Important questions for Applied Physics 2

### 1. Interference

* 1. Interference by thin film due to reflected light system
2. Interference by thin film due to transmitted light system
** 3. Wedge shaped film
***4. Newton's rings and it's applications and numerics 
*** 3mks questions based on above topics and numerics.

### 2. Diffraction

* 1. Diffraction and it's types and distinguish between them
*** 2. Diffraction grating's derivation of Maxima and minima and ***numerics based on this
*** 3. Resolving power & Rayleigh criteria of R.P and numerics based on this.
* 4. Absent spectra derivation and numerics

### 3. Optics fibre

** 1. Def- Total internal reflection, Numerical aperture, acceptance angle and critical angle
*** 2. Derivation of N.A. for step index fibre and numerics based on this
* 3. Dispersion and it's types
** 4. Numerics based on optics fibre

### 4. LASERS

** 1. Full form of Laser... distinguish between laser and ordinary light/ laser and x- rays
** 2. Quantum process
*3. Metastable state, Population inversion, Pumping and it's types, resonant cavity
** 4. He-Ne Laser
* 5. Nd: YAG Laser
*** 6 Holography whole

### 5 Quantum Physics

* 1. de Broglie hypothesis
* 2. Properties of matter waves
** 3. HUP
* 4. Electron diffraction experiment
** 5. Application of HUP- Non existence of electron in nucleus
** 6. S.T.D.Eq
** 7. S.T.I.Eq
** 8. Particle in box/ infinite potential well ..*** numerics on this
*** 9. Numerics on this chapter

### 6. Motion of charged particles

** 1. CRT
** 2. CRO
*** 3. Application of CRO and numerics based on that

### 7. Superconductors

** 1. Meissner Effect
*** 2. Distinguish between Type I and Type II semiconductor
** 3. MAGLEV

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P.S Idk who made this but this list is quite satisfactory and helpful.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What people say in their Instagram Bios Vs What they actually mean

Hello Guys! How are you all doing?

So when dull people try to be like cool and all, anything but Sarcasm is set aloof. However Sarcasm is like electricity, half of India doesn't get it. But trust me anyone can seem interesting on Social Media. We all have how we WANT the world to be. But then there’s what it actually is. The difference between what should be and what is where sadness comes from. It is funny how people go all fancy in their INSTAGRAM BIOS.

INSTAGRAM BIO (n.) – This is exactly what I am not like.

When people make a lethargic and a sluggish attempt to make their Instagram bios remarkable, sometimes it sure triggers our brain to say “SEEDHE SEEDHE KEHDO NA..
-Alluring Tip- Replace all “ : “ with “SEEDHE SEEDHE KEHDO NA”

First Cry On / Blow Candles on : What is your problem folks? Just say you were born on that day. It looks neither cooler nor it puts up a smile on our dejected, miserable faces.

Blogger : Unemployed.

Foodie : I will post pics of what I  eat at all the places. Sometimes I don’t even pay for it. I just take pics of what people around me purchase.

Fitness Freak : I will post a mandatory gym selfie everyday. I will post pics of dumbbells that are heavier than a huge ball made out of all the Osmium in the world. I will flaunt my body so much that it will make you feel really bad about yourself, until one day you angrily unfollow me.  

#Creative : I don’t know how hashtags work. You see? I am creative.

Because baby I am a nightmare dressed like a daydream – Because I have no idea what it is or what it means. Its just a trend and I have to follow it.

Photographer : My dad is rich and can afford a Pro Camera, how about you?

Absurd use of ‘Fuck’ because I have my own sweg : It really wasn’t necessary but “as fuck” is my favorite unit of comparison and measurement.

Aspiring Model : Mere modelling ke career ki bamboo lagi hai aur ab mein Air Hostess banungi.

“She is vibrant. She is beautiful. She is strong” : SHE has no idea why SHE is using a Third Person Pronoun instead of First.

Engineer : LOL! Aukat.

Entrepreneur : I think I’m Steve Jobs.

Loving Life : Stop Faking. Me neither.

 #ifollowback : I am desperate for followers.

Geek : I watch The Big Bang Theory

Mentor : I give people advice they didn’t ask for.

 Introvert : I want you to think I’m soulful and mysterious.

P.S : I don't intend to offend anyone. Not that I am not judging you but eh, whatever. 

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- Kanishk Jain

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Monday, May 9, 2016

Types of people you see during EXAM SEASON - RETURNS

Exam season is back and so is my post.  First of all, if you’re reading this post, I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. You have survived through one more Semester and that’s a huge achievement. *High Five*

“Kt hai bc”, “Timetable bhej”, “MU #$%#$ hai”, “Viva me laga di bc”, “Kuch Jugaad  hoga kya?” If such holy words are hovering around you all the time, Felicitations!!!! You have ruined your life by deciding to pursue engineering.

“Ye maze maze me engineering le to li lekin baki sem me jo lagne vali hain naa .. “
–Experienced Anonymous

However Exam Season is a nice time to live in, you get to see different shades of people.

Like there are people who are not pursing engineering but when we are busy checking our syllabuses, cursing almighty for putting us through all these hardships and finally deciding to study, there’s this person who says , “MERA RESULT LAG GAYA. ALL CLEAR.” Uske baad hume jo tension ataa hai uska andaaja bhi hai tumhe?


After every sem, it is mandatory for an engineering student to at least plan a GOA Trip. Whether  you go or not, planning a Goa trip is compulsory, dare you not break this rule. There are a few people who are more excited for post exam plans that we were for Captain America : Civil War. 


A few well wishers of the society who help people unlike the office-bearers of our Country. No they don’t want anything in return. They are just good at heart. Even if their advice sometimes isn't a  beneficial piece of wisdom, their positivity keeps you going.


There are a certain engineers studying in Autonomous institutions who already have completed their semesters. Well they are of no use. Their papers aren't of any use to us nor are their experiences. “Just Pass” or “Fail”. If you hear them saying such words, brace yourself! 9 Pointer is Coming.!


Sometimes people are so busy; they forget what you have asked for. They sure want to help you but they are just not in a state of mind to do that. Like you ask a solution of a Math problem and they give you one for Chemistry. Expect the Unexpected!


And to a few, exams hit so hard that they start talking to themselves. I wonder sometimes, they are just testing how smart people on the whatsapp group are. When nobody replies, their enthusiasm gets down to Level Zero. They have taken the concept of self study to a all new level.


You don’t understand what they say, but those sweet mathematical sure make you say “Yeh banda/bandi sure top marne vala/vali hai.”


And the end of semester sure melts a few people. They aren't sad because their exams are right in front of their nose, however the people who gave them “SAHARA” throughout the semester, when they are going to get “DESERTED”, it sure bums they up a little bit and here’s how they react.


Now this is something New. *No comments*


And some people lose their mind to such a great extent, the censor board gets a lot of work to do. Well, Engineers they are. Wait! “Frustrated” Engineers they are.


“Can’t Keep Calm, I am going through a lot. Can’t you see? Wait I’ll show you my schedule. Upar se ek girlfriend bhi nahi hai. Kitna frustration hai pata hai.” Type. Trust me, they really are in tautness. Come on 10 papers is no big deal.  


And When finally, Praying to the guardians of Galaxy, Filling up the death note and completing all the important tasks you finally make up a cognizance to study and BAM. Someone sends this.


Thank You For being so awesome during the festive season of SEMESTERS.
ALL THE BEST. Thank you for bearing with yet another sick symposium of my words. I intend no offense to anyone mentioned in the screenshots above.Laugh and let laugh; and you will know that humor is the best envelope for all negativities. A special thanks to all those who made these screenshots possible without knowing this would be happening*surprise!surprise!*

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Sunday, May 8, 2016


So Guys; I have stumbled upon this app while searching on the Internet.  It is a wonderful app. It gives you step by step solution of any math problem you want. 

you can refer to following videos for More info.

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Engineering ; Expectations Vs Reality

  We entered into an engineering college with a million dreams in our heart, not knowing they'd be crushed so brutally.Little did we know about the harsh realities of this cruel world. Ragging and all was fine, but what happened next just blew my mind *cough*. Here is what budding engineers expect and here is what happens in real life.
After getting into an engineering college you probably thought Engineering is all about bunking, partying all night, a happening social life and what not?

When you just begin to think life is going on smoothly, some nerd pops up and says “Ma’am! Done with all assignments. When do we have to get that checked?” This makes you realize you have a Heavy work-load including assignment submissions, lab-file maintenance and frequent exams. And bhai ladkiyon ki to baat hi mat karo. Sex ratio in any given Mechanical Engineering Class is lesser than even Haryana. Universal Truth.



Math? Bitch Please. I have scored 99/100 in 10th Grade and 95/100 in the 12th. Math would surely be an easy task for me.

What the hell. Math? What has happened to you? You were so beautiful. You hardly used to have any alphabets. Okay and English was fine but um why introduce us to Greek, Latin, Hebrew, Українська, 粵語?  k;lum,lt  .You call this a problem?

    You gained a lot of Practical knowledge, didn’t You?

Bata Range Kutta method kaha use karte hai, Pura saal bas aaap ye naam sunke hase rahenge. Baki kuch yaad ho na ho, ye naam zaroor yaad rakhoge?

   You thought you would get to deal will all cool gadgets and stuff.

For those who are nodding their heads with ultimate positivity, Ammeters and Voltmeters don’t count.

   You thought after all these years you finally have learnt something and a GUY, your batch mate, probably the nerd of your class, who you thought is like the best engineer you know, says, “Tujhe pata hai? 2 MegaPixels ka processor hai mere phone ka"

P.S : - Guy; because not to get sexist. But you all know who it is. *wink wink*

  You thought you would get to work in a high tech lab, one like STAR Labs from “The Flash”

Laser Pattern Generator? Ferrofluid Display Cell? Chal 2 chammach NaCl daal isme. Namak bhai Namak daalo


Engineering is all about building crazy machines!

Uncleji aapko 12 hazaar diye they, aapne abhi hamara fingerprint attendance vala stereotypical project nahi banaya?


First salary means a gaming console, a Royal Enfield and what not.

Rent, Food, Transpor…..wait for it because “Bhai paise khatam ho gaye hai ticket ke paise de na!” tation.

You thought you'd work with genius scientists.

Welcome to *Voi company jo aapke colg se wholesale me engineers utha ke le jaati hai*


Time to apply what you learnt in college.

Paint aata hai? Word ya excel to aata hi hoga? Kya baat karra hai Powerpoint bhi ata hai? Bhai out of syllabus haan?


Computer science matlab hacking seekhenge..

Ye ip address kaise dekhte hai?

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|"I don't believe in what you believe. I don't like what you like. I can't think the way you think. Idon't like your idea."

|That's what people might have said when a few people said that our earth is spherical.|

|But let me tell you in the end we all end up taking the same PERSPECTIVE.|

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