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7 Types Of Crushes You Experience in your Teenage Years

      We all have had a crush on someone in our lives and in fact, we will continue to crush over someone or the other in future. Crushes are an unavoidable, wonderful part of being alive. sometimes, all it takes is a smile from that girl you see on the “glass doors” or in the elevator every morning and — bam! — A crush is put in motion.

 Although some crushes can lead to more intense feelings, it’s the crushes you have on the people who are part of your daily life that keep things fun and exciting, as you swoon for no good reason at all, except that they are just darling. And when you live in a city with millions of people, there is no end to the number of crushes you can have. In fact, most of the time, you don’t even want to know their name, they’re just “Pretty Girl In The Grey Dress On The Morning 8:03 Train.” The dress might be a different colour, but I'm sure you have your own version, too.

 As a city dweller who’s had crushes galore, here are the 7 types of crushes I'm pretty sure every city guy has had at one point or another. Substitute the gender of your choice, because some things are just universally adorable. But you have to admit, it does make you feel oh-so-alive!

1.               The Bubble Crush.
You see her for the first time, you check him/her out 5-6 times but still can’t get enough of her. You start fantasizing her as your girlfriend and ultimately develop “The Ultimate Crush”. Unless you’re Barney Stinson, wooing your bubble crush and preventing the bubble from bursting and exploding can be really hard.

2. The Celebrity Crush:
Ah, We’ve all been there. You don’t have to be young to have a crush on a celebrity, but this type of crush is at its most intense in the teens. You feel as if your life will be meaningless if you don’t meet them. Of course, you’re never going to meet them, and you will grow out of the crush in good time. But we all have a less intense crush when we’re older – be honest!

3. The Holiday Crush:
That girl you met on your trip abroad, fell madly in love with, spent a couple of days planning fancy things that you both are going to do together in the future and……And never, ever saw again. You liked them physically and talking to them made you comfortable and always made you think that they should totally be a part of your everyday life. You may try saying “My name is Lusty. I have just met you, and I love you.” Just kidding.

4. The Best Friend crush:
That best friend you’ve spent all your life with and who you will at some point realize you have feelings for. And well, depending on whether Cupid is in a Kuch Kuch Hota Hai mood or not, you might just end up finding your happily ever after as well or you may be galloped within the deadliest region of friend zone.

5. The Unorthodox crush:
Many of us have had a crush on our teachers, best friend's boyfriend, super bosses or cousin. But really, there's nothing that you can do about it as it's a crush which is prohibited. Though occasionally you may dream a thing or two about it, it is as SUPERWOMAN says, FORBIDDEN.

6. The Unrequited Crush:
We’ve definitely all been through this one – having a crush on someone who barely even knows we exist. Or they just don’t have any feelings for us. These unrequited crushes can be quite painful, but it’s something you just have to accept. Ultimately these feelings tend to peter out. It’s difficult to maintain an interest in someone who will never want to date us. Pretty Sad.

7. The Neighbourhood Crush:
That hot girl next door whom you’ll never make a move on, and won’t let your friends either. The same girl who incidentally deserves credit for ensuring that you actually pick out a respectable pair of track pants before stepping out onto your gallery on Saturday mornings. Grow a pair and go talk to him/her!

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