Thursday, May 19, 2016

Applied Chemistry 2 Important Questions (Mumbai University)

1. Corrosion

Types of Corrosion
Factors affecting rate of corrosion
Cathodic and Anodic protection
Galvanizing and Tinning
Metallic Coatings


2. Alloys

Powder Metallurgy
Compacting and Sintering

Composition, Properties and Uses of: 
-Gun Metal
-Tinman's Solders
-German Silver
-Woods' metal

Ceramic Powders


3. Fuels (Most Imp)

Refining of petroleum
Bio diesel
Fixed bed catalytic cracking
Octane and Cetane number
Characteristics of good fuel


4. Composite Materials and Adhesives

Characteristic Properties
Applications of Composite materials
Adhesive action
Advantages and Limitations of Adhesives


5. Green Chemistry
Basic Principles
Synthesis of Indigo and Adipic acid
Industrial Applications 

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