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Types of people you see during EXAM SEASON - RETURNS

Exam season is back and so is my post.  First of all, if you’re reading this post, I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart. You have survived through one more Semester and that’s a huge achievement. *High Five*

“Kt hai bc”, “Timetable bhej”, “MU #$%#$ hai”, “Viva me laga di bc”, “Kuch Jugaad  hoga kya?” If such holy words are hovering around you all the time, Felicitations!!!! You have ruined your life by deciding to pursue engineering.

“Ye maze maze me engineering le to li lekin baki sem me jo lagne vali hain naa .. “
–Experienced Anonymous

However Exam Season is a nice time to live in, you get to see different shades of people.

Like there are people who are not pursing engineering but when we are busy checking our syllabuses, cursing almighty for putting us through all these hardships and finally deciding to study, there’s this person who says , “MERA RESULT LAG GAYA. ALL CLEAR.” Uske baad hume jo tension ataa hai uska andaaja bhi hai tumhe?


After every sem, it is mandatory for an engineering student to at least plan a GOA Trip. Whether  you go or not, planning a Goa trip is compulsory, dare you not break this rule. There are a few people who are more excited for post exam plans that we were for Captain America : Civil War. 


A few well wishers of the society who help people unlike the office-bearers of our Country. No they don’t want anything in return. They are just good at heart. Even if their advice sometimes isn't a  beneficial piece of wisdom, their positivity keeps you going.


There are a certain engineers studying in Autonomous institutions who already have completed their semesters. Well they are of no use. Their papers aren't of any use to us nor are their experiences. “Just Pass” or “Fail”. If you hear them saying such words, brace yourself! 9 Pointer is Coming.!


Sometimes people are so busy; they forget what you have asked for. They sure want to help you but they are just not in a state of mind to do that. Like you ask a solution of a Math problem and they give you one for Chemistry. Expect the Unexpected!


And to a few, exams hit so hard that they start talking to themselves. I wonder sometimes, they are just testing how smart people on the whatsapp group are. When nobody replies, their enthusiasm gets down to Level Zero. They have taken the concept of self study to a all new level.


You don’t understand what they say, but those sweet mathematical sure make you say “Yeh banda/bandi sure top marne vala/vali hai.”


And the end of semester sure melts a few people. They aren't sad because their exams are right in front of their nose, however the people who gave them “SAHARA” throughout the semester, when they are going to get “DESERTED”, it sure bums they up a little bit and here’s how they react.


Now this is something New. *No comments*


And some people lose their mind to such a great extent, the censor board gets a lot of work to do. Well, Engineers they are. Wait! “Frustrated” Engineers they are.


“Can’t Keep Calm, I am going through a lot. Can’t you see? Wait I’ll show you my schedule. Upar se ek girlfriend bhi nahi hai. Kitna frustration hai pata hai.” Type. Trust me, they really are in tautness. Come on 10 papers is no big deal.  


And When finally, Praying to the guardians of Galaxy, Filling up the death note and completing all the important tasks you finally make up a cognizance to study and BAM. Someone sends this.


Thank You For being so awesome during the festive season of SEMESTERS.
ALL THE BEST. Thank you for bearing with yet another sick symposium of my words. I intend no offense to anyone mentioned in the screenshots above.Laugh and let laugh; and you will know that humor is the best envelope for all negativities. A special thanks to all those who made these screenshots possible without knowing this would be happening*surprise!surprise!*

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