Monday, May 23, 2016

Important questions and programs for Structured Programming Approach (SPA) Mumbai University

List of important questions for theory

Content belongs to Prof. Smita Patil

List of programs

WAP to calculate the sum of 1st five natural numbers.
WAP to display the factorial of the given number.
WAP to generate a Fibonacci series.
WAP to generate the table of the given numbers.
WAP to generate the following output. (display Pattern types program do as much as you can for patern types there is no specific pattern so have to practice all types.)
WAP to find sum of natural numbers using do while loop. Or while loop.
WAP to calculate the sum and product of the given integer. (3 digit or 4 digit integer)
WAP to generate the reverse of the given integer.
WAP to check whether the given number is amstrong or not.
WAP to check the given integer prime or not.
WAP to calculate the avg of the numbers using the function.
WAP to calculate factorial of the given number using function.
WAP to calculate nCr using the function.
WAP to check the number Armstrong or not using the function.
WAP to calculate the sum on (n) integers using ARRAY
WAP to count number of odd and even numbers in the (n) terms using ARRAY
WAP to generate the reverse of the ARRAY without using other ARRAY.
WAP to evaluate the Summation equation.
WAP to arrange the given numbers in Ascending or descending (IMP)**
WAP to search the number in given list of (n ) numbers using ARRAY
WAP to delete a value from the ARRAY of (n) terms.
WAP to find the legth of the string and display the reverse of the string.
WAP to delete all the spaces from the string.
WAP to determine the string is palindrome or not.
WAP to copy the content of one file to another and display it.
WAP to create a structure wich display the information of cricketer etc etc..
WAP to calculate matrix multiplications & transpose (any one is asked).

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