Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What people say in their Instagram Bios Vs What they actually mean

Hello Guys! How are you all doing?

So when dull people try to be like cool and all, anything but Sarcasm is set aloof. However Sarcasm is like electricity, half of India doesn't get it. But trust me anyone can seem interesting on Social Media. We all have how we WANT the world to be. But then there’s what it actually is. The difference between what should be and what is where sadness comes from. It is funny how people go all fancy in their INSTAGRAM BIOS.

INSTAGRAM BIO (n.) – This is exactly what I am not like.

When people make a lethargic and a sluggish attempt to make their Instagram bios remarkable, sometimes it sure triggers our brain to say “SEEDHE SEEDHE KEHDO NA..
-Alluring Tip- Replace all “ : “ with “SEEDHE SEEDHE KEHDO NA”

First Cry On / Blow Candles on : What is your problem folks? Just say you were born on that day. It looks neither cooler nor it puts up a smile on our dejected, miserable faces.

Blogger : Unemployed.

Foodie : I will post pics of what I  eat at all the places. Sometimes I don’t even pay for it. I just take pics of what people around me purchase.

Fitness Freak : I will post a mandatory gym selfie everyday. I will post pics of dumbbells that are heavier than a huge ball made out of all the Osmium in the world. I will flaunt my body so much that it will make you feel really bad about yourself, until one day you angrily unfollow me.  

#Creative : I don’t know how hashtags work. You see? I am creative.

Because baby I am a nightmare dressed like a daydream – Because I have no idea what it is or what it means. Its just a trend and I have to follow it.

Photographer : My dad is rich and can afford a Pro Camera, how about you?

Absurd use of ‘Fuck’ because I have my own sweg : It really wasn’t necessary but “as fuck” is my favorite unit of comparison and measurement.

Aspiring Model : Mere modelling ke career ki bamboo lagi hai aur ab mein Air Hostess banungi.

“She is vibrant. She is beautiful. She is strong” : SHE has no idea why SHE is using a Third Person Pronoun instead of First.

Engineer : LOL! Aukat.

Entrepreneur : I think I’m Steve Jobs.

Loving Life : Stop Faking. Me neither.

 #ifollowback : I am desperate for followers.

Geek : I watch The Big Bang Theory

Mentor : I give people advice they didn’t ask for.

 Introvert : I want you to think I’m soulful and mysterious.

P.S : I don't intend to offend anyone. Not that I am not judging you but eh, whatever. 

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- Kanishk Jain

for Engineering Loves Me